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        You always do outstanding work…our covers have gotten so much better since you started shooting them. -Randy T. -Parenting Magazine

        Those were the most beautiful pictures...they actually made me cry. Thank you so much for your professionalism, you were a complete joy and privilege to work with. Your talent speaks for itself. I'm touched at how incredible they came out. Thank you again - Courtney

        LOVE THE PICTURES!!!! They are all so awesome!!!You guys are great!! Talented and nice, what more can a couple want? -Annette

Paul Savage has an eye for the invisible. In his work (and I hesitate to say “work” because what he creates on a daily basis is ART) he brings out not just the best of his subject but the honest. Through his eyes you see the world as it is and as it should be. Not to mention the fact that he is a consummate professional who approaches everything he does with his whole heart." - Kym Pappas

WOW....need I say more? Our photos are truly wonderful and will be something I will treasure always! How can I ever thank you??? How about....THANK YOU!!  -Cori 

        Paul Savage Photography is AWESOME...Love your photos Paul!!!   -Delinda Fugere

        Some of the best work I have seen! -Mala S Poe

        If you want an artist here you go.... Paul has done such amazing work for my wedding that I actually cried when I saw the photos. I never thought our wedding could have been more beautiful until I saw it in the photos! Simply put ...he's AMAZING!!!! -Amber Klispie

        I needed a professional headshot (attorney), nothing glamorous, but nothing tacky either. I had worked with two previous photographers and the results were dismal – okay, beyond dismal. I met Paul through a charity event and learned he was a photographer. So, I checked out his work on his website, specifically his professional headshots. They were great!

        Mind you, I live in the Bay Area, so when I figured out that the person I needed to do my headshot was in San Diego I was little deflated. However, when I learned that I would be attending a conference in San Diego several months in the future, a plan was put in place. I flew in early for the conference and Paul did the shoot before the conference even began. The results are great. I still receive compliments on my headshot. I just wish that I lived closer to San Diego so that I could refer work to him directly.

        Paul has that in valuable ability to see with his eyes and his lens, and to capture the feeling of what he sees in a picture, or what needs to be perceived by the viewer. Every category of work that Paul photographs is amazing, which is unusual. Most photographers have an obvious specialty (i.e., weddings, pets, landscapes, etc.) Check out Paul’s work of performing artists’, weddings, headshots, all of them are wonderful.

        Thank you Paul for taking a photograph of me, that looks like me. -- Tamara Gabel

        Hey Paul! It was really great fun today. I sure think we made the most of the time! You’re a MASTER at what you do; I adore your work (and HOW you work!) … the GREAT shots you got. It really was fun. -Pat Launer - Theater Critic

        Thank you again so much for your truly amazing work!... Love the photos Paul - truly amazing work! - Douglas L – The Theatre Inc.

        …Everywhere I looked you guys were there…You guys are AMAZING!!!! -Ann P. - XX Radio

Shot by A Savage provides quality photos that really show the personality of the actor. I was very pleased with my overall experience. Paul was very easy to work with and really helped to make me feel and looked relaxed. He helped me show who I was through a picture and he has given me some of the best headshots I have ever had taken. I have a tendency to plaster on a fake face for my headshots and Paul really helped me to bring me to life on the page. Thanks Paul!  - Bryan B.

        You were able to capture the Fantasy!!! REALLY good work. – Martin G. – Aqua Al 2

        Paul savage is a genius. He is a genius because he is able to see life exactly as it is. He sees into people and places and into the inter-connectivity that lies deep within. He is able to make visible what is mostly invisible -- courage, spirit, emotion, passion, and all the subtle winds that make us human. This comes in handy because most people are visual learners. Paul is able to tell the story you wish to tell through images, making your message clear, visual and tangible. I highly recommend him for his talents and his honesty. -- Anna Myers

        Thank you for the FANTASTIC PICTURES!!!!!!! I've been getting nothing but AWESOME COMPLIMENTS ON HOW GOOD THE PICTURES ARE!!! Again, Thanks. Can't wait for the next updates!!!!! -Trish

        THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! My daughter, whom I already think is beautiful, you made just glow in your photographs. I cannot thank you enough! You do AWESOME work, and you work very well with children. You really know how to relate to them and get them to blossom in front of the camera. Again, thank you! Sincerely -Kathrine


        Jon and I cannot thank Paul enough! I was blown away by his talent and how beautiful he made me look! No words can express - Jules

        I thought you were brilliant when I saw your site, now I know you are! Fantastic job! -Dan

The difference between Paul and other photographers doing headshots out there is experience. Having worked with several photographers on the scale of experienced and inexperienced, Paul shines above the rest. His ultimate goal is to get pictures that represent the best side of you and that you can use. From the initial contact and his thought-out session preparation information he gives you, it's clear to see that his intentions are to give you the best that he can give. Where he differs is that individual attention, that place where he can see that you're not comfortable in a shot and try to help you get comfortable, versus just shoot a bunch of pictures and out of hundreds maybe 2 work. I am constantly getting feedback on how great my photos are, and how many of them I was able to use, and people asking who took them. And I am proud to say Paul Savage. Paul Savage shot my wedding in July 2011. And what I can say is "WOW!!!" He caught so many moments that I wasn't even aware he was in the room for. And there were so many of those caught by him and his trusty camera and that's what makes him amazing. Weddings go by so fast and ours was no exception. He documented so much that we could have missed out on seeing because, well, we were a little busy. He took the time before to ask what we really wanted to see and also look at the space before hand. And he knew what to look for and how to capture things as they happened. We had so many to choose from to frame. In a digital age where there are so many out there with a camera calling themselves photographers (believe me I know from personal experience what happens when you go cheap) it's such a relief to know that there are professionals like Paul that are able to capture your precious memories so you have them for the future. - Jennie Olson-six

        You’re great to work with and you always get the perfect shot… You really have the EYE - Sharon B. - Boy Scouts of America

 I highly recommend Paul for dance shots-he is AMAZING!!! He has done work for me for years at Eastlake High School and he has never let me down. His work is stunning! - Kristy Greenway-August

        At the Rolling Stones VIP party...you were able to capture that youthful edgy look... – Julia B.-San Diego Magazine

        You are the best photographer I have ever worked with… - Julie W. -Military Babies

        I had the great opportunity to work with Paul Savage about a month ago. It was my very first professional shoot and I was nervous and stiff at first. He made me feel a lot better with his relaxed nature and his know how. It was a fun day with plenty of stories to loosen us up (I was there with friends) and to make us more comfortable to shoot. I look at his page often because his work is AMAZING. His nature shots are my favorite. He really captures the great energy of Mother Nature. I've been posting his work to friends and recommended him on my Youtube, blog and more. His work can be very dramatic and awe inspiring which I love. They really pull out energy and vibrancy that usually rest beneath the surface untouched and unnoticed. Each pictures tells a thousand stories. -Wilhelmina Ophelia Kaiser


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